Growing fruit trees

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The trees in this group have a range of 10 -12 cm to 20 - 25 cm. The trees are 3 times transplanted. Tree size is measured as a trunk circumference in cm at a height of 1m above the root of the root. The height of the crown is from 150 cm.


Trees can be dispatched with earth bundle or flattened. The ball is provided with jute and wire mesh without surface treatment. Some species and cultivars cannot be dispatched as staggered.

Planting and postplanting care

We cut the balloon trees with the yarn and we do not remove the jute, only in the planting pit we cut the mesh in several places. When planting, it is necessary to make a reasonable reduction of the crown by at least 25% - assortment and technological exceptions are possible. After planting and during acclimatization at the site, it is necessary to take care of the corresponding grout according to soil and other habitat conditions. Dressing is necessary for at least one growing season following planting.